grace trumps all. 

I don’t understand judgement. This is a problem for me as, you see when you choose to love someone or something you chose to love it when you’re tired, afraid, sick if putting in the hard work. You choose to love all of them not just the bits you understand and the parts of their character that makes you feel all squishy inside. I apply this to God. I pray that I continue to understand his character better. This means – with his help working to understand the bits I just can’t get my head around. 

Isaiah 24 is all about judgement on the whole earth. The whole earth. This means me. And you too. Open it up now. Let’s read this together! Itll be an adventure. So track with me to verse two. It calls everyone to be equal. It says “as with the slave so with his master”. We look at the world today and justice seems so far away. The slave and master are most certainly not equal. They don’t experience the highs and the lows together. And thats not ok. 

Over the last while I have been journeying the names of God. Like Jehovah-elohim The lord is God, Jehovah-Nissi  and The lord is conqueror and Jehovah – Repheka The Lord is Healer. I believe his name’s are the easiest way to reinforce his character. when understanding judgement this has helped me greatly. 

You see the lord gives us choices. He always has and always will. He petitions with is to make the right choices to stay close to his word and because of this to choose the right path. But so often we don’t. And that has consequences. 
So when it comes to justice and judgement know that the “lord of hosts reigns” v23. And that he will always reign. Now and forever and forever more.  

So often we look around us and are so confused by the world and all that is happening. We don’t understand and maybe we never will untill we meet Jesus face to face. But know that a good God only wants good things for his children. So often we go into autopilot. We forget we have choices and end up in a mess we are never intended to be in. 

As little as I understand judgement I understand his love and grace even less still. “Though we know little about him we know this:in the end all of our bad choices are redeemed by a solitary good choice of his.” -word for today

Jesus chose to take all of our bad choices and exchange them for all of his goodness. There is no sin, no shame, no pain that runs deeper than the blood of Christ. Nothing and no one could ever come close. When you choose to follow Jesus. When you choose to follow even though you maybe don’t understand ; your life is wholly exchanged. And I hope and pray that for you that will never loose its wonder. 

What areas of your life have you gone into pilot? What areas do you need to choose the right path to choose the right thing? Find the name of God that matches this. Know he is sufficient. Know he is always enough. I pray for integrity beyond belief and determination for you as you start in this new path. All of our love. X


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