Do You Care?

Today’s a different kind of blog post. Its not a ‘i tell you how to interpret these things’ or your ‘5 minute life booster’. It’s a ‘lets be real, pull up a chair and join the party’ kind of post.

Today we are going to examine our hearts, we are going to look to the deepest darkest parts and decide if they really are as light filled by Jesus as the possibly could be.

Today if your not ready to be real push through. Be honest with yourself. Its the only way to move forward. lets get started.

In Nehemiah 5, Nehemiah has found himself in an outcry of poverty, oppression and pain. He has found himself in a world just like ours that is so far away from what God wanted for us. The first question I want to ask you just like I believe Nehemiah had to ask himself is – Does the outcry of poverty make you angry? When was the last time you paid £5 for a sandwich which with that money could have fed one child for a month in a foreign country. When was the last time you wasted money on things you truly didn’t need because you WANTED it. But better still when was the last time you felt convicted about it? Nehemiah wept and mourned for his country, he didn’t just pray and say its ok, chill out… life is under control, because he knew his identity and calling as a man of God was to do something, to shift something, to be obedient to what God wanted to do. 

Don’t get me wrong its not bad to want nice things, its not harmful to want to wear nice clothes but its when you buy your third pair of shoes in six months when truly you know those coral heels will only be worn once or twice. You with me? I really believe God is calling us to wake up and see who and what is actually around us. We are not called to be of this world. Empty your shopping bag and invest in someones eternity – take them for lunch, buy them a notebook, take them skydiving for all I know. But you sitting on the internet with River Island open for 2 hours is not beneficial. And you know I’m right.

Lets be real here. Ask yourself will you truly do what God wants whatever the cost? Will you fix,pay,and invest in someone else’s mess or will you leave them to figure it out on their own? Will you sacrifice? Will you fulfil your promises? and indeed the promises of God. When was the last time you did these things? Will you walk in knowing that you can do immeasurably more than you could imagine because of who lives inside you? Will you walk knowing that our God; is a God who jumps straight into mess, who eats with the worst, who walks with the poor, who humbly serves the ignorant and arrogant. Will you walk like him? Our God is a God who ultimately laid down his life for us. Will you walk knowing that is your calling and greater still believe and act like it truly is? Or will you walk believing this but having a level of self importance that means that truly walking like Jesus is left for the missionary, pastors, teachers and prophets? Will you throw up your hands and say I’m all for living for Jesus when I get the squishy feelings or will you be a faithful follower who follows no matter the feelings. I know which one God longs for you to be. 

Do you operate differently to the people around you because of the love of God in your life? Do you speak differently, act differently and treat others differently or do you simply blend into the crowd? Don’t waste your opportunity, please. Do you know that your reward truly comes from heaven and that you may not get rewarded on earth? Do you trust who God says that he is and who he has called you to be. Do you trust his provision? Do you remember that your reward is from God and not from people – in all you do?

Examine your heart. Be refreshed by knowing no one gets it right all the time. Don’t strive just obey. Listen to the gentle calling and he will take you all the way.

Love x



One thought on “Do You Care?

  1. “Will you walk knowing that our God; is a God who jumps straight into mess, who eats with the worst, who walks with the poor, who humbly serves the ignorant and arrogant. ” Thank you for exhorting us to live in light of eternity and not just the here and now. The quote above is beautifully written. It really spoke to me and to a place I have in my heart that I have not voiced to anyone out loud, thank you for listening to the Spirit-He used it to speak to mine. Blessings! (and keep writing!!)


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