Live Loved

“So you are no longer a slave, but God’s child”-Galatians 4:7

We’ve heard it sung, we’ve heard it said, we have probably even said it ourselves, but what does it really mean? I know and believe that I’m a child of God, and you are too if you have accepted Jesus as your saviour, but only recently did I begin to explore what this really meant. To be perfectly honest I think that so much of the time we get used to using all these lovely words and phrases that they become meaningless, but trust me there is such value in taking a step back and really exploring what these words mean.

So recently I’ve been studying Galatians and this idea of being a child of God comes up over and over again. It’s such a beautiful concept and holds so much significance. Being a son or daughter of God means that we are unconditionally loved, that we are saved and that we are heirs of the Kingdom (how exciting!). A phrase that really stood out for me in chapter 4 was “known by God”, but you know what, it is so much more than that. Not only are you known by God, but intricately and intimately known. He knows even our deepest and darkest flaws that no one else knows, yet He loves you immeasurably more than someone who knows you minus those flaws.

How amazing is that! But that is only one part of the verse, because we are God’s children we are “no longer slaves.” You see, when we truly discover and embrace our identity as children of God we encounter a new found freedom. Suddenly we don’t feel burdened by the things of this world because this is not where we find our identity. When the world tells us we aren’t enough because we don’t have the latest iphone, or the best grades or didn’t get into university, God whispers “You are my child and I love you no matter what.

Of course from time to time we all slip into our old ways, we try to find our worth in other places and from other people, but it becomes exhausting. I really encourage you to evaluate your situation; are you feeling overwhelmed, unworthy,inadequate? If so remind yourself that you are a child of a King and that He lifts all our burdens and calls us to live in the knowledge that we are not slaves but free because He is our loving Father.


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