Samuel means asked of God. Samuel was the living proof of the provision of God.

He was the proof of matthew 7 –

7 Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; nd to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”

I believe that before we look at the life of david we first need to look at the life of samuel.

So the Lord has rejected Saul. I’m pretty sure when samuel annoiteed saul he thought “yeah God this will work, Saul is tall and handsome just what a king should look like” Yet saul wasn’t a man after Gods heart. God told samuel of his plan to take saul off the thrown, years before it came to pass. Just think how disappointed and upset samuel would have been. Thoughts like the people must think I don’t hear from God? How did it go so wrong? What more could I have done? All probobally ran through Samuels head.

But God called him our of his dissapointment to do the very thing that he was disappointed about. To annoint a king. David was anointed by a man who wept over the past even though he was a gift of promise given by a faithful God. What does that mean? It means hannah asked for a son, God promised her a son, God gave her a son. Even though samuel was a promise from God he doubted God’s promise of a king who was after God’s own heart.

Sometimes the devil uses the very promises God has given us to enable us to doubt the promise of God. Samuel was the promise of provision yet he doubted Gods provision of a King.

Be honest with yourself, what dissapointments are you dealing with?


What are you letting keep yourself playing small?


What is God calling you too our of your disappointment? Write yourself a letter, as if it was to someone else- it might help.


If this was a letter to anyone else,

I’d be compassionate, I’d tell you your not stupid and that sometimes it is ok to feel your emotions. I’d say its ok to not feel good enough, it is ok to grieve for the person that you wish you could be as long as you don’t stay there. For living from within your emotions is like living in a dark room with only one window to watch the world go by. It is living in constant fear that possibilities are probobalities. They are not. These are lies that you tell yourself to keep yourself small, because it’s safe and it’s comfortable. It is letting your spirit die. Be brave, be bold. Sometimes these two things are quiet, when people think they are loud. Run with integrity, keep taking steps forward.


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