New Path

I was doing things this week that required way more of God and so much less of me yet I felt so self absorbed. In my plans, my ways, the things I wanted to do. I was striving to please both. We all are if we are honest. We wait and see how much of our ways  we can squeeze into God’s plan. The reality is not very much. So we try and make it fit and walk around with discontentment. Because in reality we aren’t totally happy with trusting God when it really matters. We know the verses, songs and things we think we should think so we awnser people with learnt of phrases that we got from the preacher. We chose us. When really we should be pushing even further into him. We make excuses like I don’t have time or this is what God wants or I don’t know how to balance everything. So we just don’t try to balance things. We say these things to make us feel better but in reality we are just steering more and more away from God and further towards the one we claim we do not want. 

So what can you do? The question is if this is your story do you really want him? Do you want to want him? If your awnser is yes then it’s going to take time, commitment and dedication. Falling in love takes time. Building relationship takes time. Talking to your friend takes time. And the reality is you have the time. You just might need to sacrifice something to get it.

 Thus says the Lord : “Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls. But they said, ‘We will not walk in it.’ 

JER 6:16 ESV

Will you be like the people in Jeremiah? Will you stand at the cross roads and take the path that you know isn’t truly following the good way? Or will you stop and take the time to assess who you want to be and how valuable your relationship with Christ truly is? We all take the wrong path sometimes. We all have to make adjustments and choose the right path. We all have to chose to follow sometimes. That’s what we signed up for and I for one would rather be dedicated to the good path that leads me closer to Jesus than to walk on my own path. 

Love xx


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