Hear and Do

In Genesis 3:1 the serpent says to Eve, “Did God really say…”. I’ve heard this story many times and just brushed it off. But for some reason this verse stuck out to me yesterday. It sounded familiar, I’ve heard myself say this when God has called me to something a little scarier or something that I didn’t want to hear.

You see, the thing is a lot of the time we expect that it can’t be God, yet throughout the Bible we say phrases like “then God said” all the time. And guess what, He’s still speaking today!  I think in reality we know He speaks and we know it’s Him, we just don’t always want it to be Him. When we get that word that we are supposed to share with the person beside you it’s easy to make yourself believe it isn’t God.

We do this so often, and to be honest it’s because we are scared, scared to fail, scared of doing something out of the ordinary. I need to hear this as much as the next person, but God’s got our backs! He won’t punish us for obeying that little nudge he’s given us to speak to someone or even to pray with someone.

So this week listen, but not only that obey… it’ll be worth it. I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone give it a go you’ll be surprised what can happen happen when simply follow Him.

PS (check out Hebrews 3:15)


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