Samuel was a prophet he relied on the voice of God as well as the word of God. David was a man who leaned heavily on the voice of God – he himself a man after God’s own heart. Last week I lost my bible. It was a total drama. Like old school. There were no tears, but trust me I was close. It made me really think about the reality that so often I idolise my bible. That I put it above an actual encounter with the living, breathing, very much a live God.

This is so wrong, and I whole heartedly believe Idolising our Bible is something lots of christians fall into the trap of. The bible was created for us to grow in connection with God. The bible is a good thing and loving your bible is so very important yet when we use it simply to form an argument or to learn head knoweledge, we completely miss the entire point of what the bible is – a sign that posts to Jesus himself.

 In fact, this is love for God: to keep his commands. And his commands are not burdensome. – 1 John 5 v 3

Jesus became the word. The word isn’t Jesus. The commandment is to have ‘no other Gods’. To put him first, to bring glory to him and to seek him above all else. That is what his word is for – to bring glory to he who created it not to bring glory to oursleves. We have to stop manipulating the word to fit our ideal of how things should be. Are you encountering God when you read your bible? Are you applying it to your life? Or are you storing up brownie points in your head trying to convince yourself that just reading with no encounter is what God actual longs for?

Relationship starts with redemption. Idols are Idols. Lay them down, check your heart. The commandments say ‘I am the Lord your God’, not I am the Bible your God. God’s commandments are only to find true freedom. Never to burden.My prayer is that you would learn to love his word, hungering after it daily. But that you would truly know that a relationship is not a reading list. That, relationship is what he truly desires.



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