Daily Reminder 

​Often I am blown away by the little faith I have. The reality that I know God heals but the lack of boldness I have to pray.  I have all this head knowledge stored up but in reality I often wonder do I actually trust and believe It in my heart. 

I long to grow closer to a God who is ever present yet so often I refuse to put in the work. With school, life and so much more I can come to God at the end of the day like I come to my bed, tired, clinging onto every little last bit of energy.

The reality is that’s not good enough – not because God requires excellence or hours spent with him to love us but because a relationship takes time to grow and develop to become stronger so that you listen to the voice of God rather than the voice of the enemy.  

He longs for us to be in such a relationship in which when every tiny bit of fear slips in we know he’s got us. So that we know we never need to choose fear, loneliness, pain or regret. 

The reality is following Jesus is never easy but it is so worth it in every way. It’s a constant fight of the flesh just like the apostle Paul said but nothing worthwhile ever came easy. Chill out and  Enjoy the journey. We get things wrong but we will journey that together. 

My prayer for you today is that you are constantly reminded of God’s fresh mercies every morning. That today you will walk in the knowledge of knowing you are valued, loved and set apart. That you will believe with every ounce of who you are that you are more than capable because of who lives inside you. Finally that you will know that who the Bible says you are and what the Bible says you can do is the truth. The one true truth. 
Love x


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