When I Grow Up…

For years we think about this. We dream of being the tooth fairy, a teacher, a barbie maybe even a doctor… or is that just me? We make plans. We have dreams, desires and hopes. ALL of these things are good, and God inspired – all of these things were designed for us. 

God created man (that includes women too), he dreamed them up, placed vision in their hearts and placed them on the earth. We see this in Genesis one where God gives Adam and Eve dreams. Where he gives them resources to fufill their dreams, where he himself shapes thier dreams.

What happens when we get so caught up in our dreams that we forget the vision of God? What happens when, ‘when I grow up I want to be…’ becomes more than something that makes your parents giggle when you give humorous awnsers, or when it impacts more people than just you.

The truth is dreams and desires were created for us – not to rule us. The reality is we can be bonded by our own dreams. We can forget that true freedom is found in accepting the fact that who we are can only be changed, shaped and our destiny fufilled through becoming more like christ himself.

What if ‘when I grow up’ has impact and matters? What happens when your God given dreams of healing the sick and the great comission becomes part of your bucket list of things to do ‘when you grow up’? What if your profession over rides your mission? God created doctors,fishermen,teachers and academics we only have to look to the disciples – but the one foundational diffrence in their lives and ours might be that we moulded the great commision around our dreams. Around aspirations that maybe don’t honour God or fufill your God given potential? These may not be bad aspirations or sinful in the ‘generic’ way – good dreams can also lead to veering of the path.

As I come to a time when I need to decide a serious awnser to what I want to be when I grow up, I am blown away by the amount of things I still want to do. I am blown away by the length and breath of choice and have the upmost desire to do the very will of God. I am blown away by still how confused I am but I believe fufilling his will can be achieved if we stay obedient to the great comission. If we mould our lives, every waking sleeping minute around creating a culture and character within ourselves that simply means we walk in what God has designed us to do.

To fufill the great comission, to heal the sick, to free the bonded, but above all to give glory to the only one that is capable of such things through us.

You won’t miss out. You might take the wrong path, it might take you longer – there may be more bumps and bruises but what God has set out for you is yours for the taking – don’t be afraid of the work, don’t feel like you are overcome. That’s a lie. Gods got you. He always has and always will.

God Bless. xo


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