Faith Builder

I LOVE CHRISTMAS. Like too much. Way too much. It is the time when we bring Mary and all the other nativity characters out of the wardrobe of our bibles and dust them down. Mary was a virgin, she was pure and discerning. So often when we look at Mary we here the same story, the same thing, my hope is that today we will look at Mary in a new light! Lets Go…

Mary was a faith builder. What do I mean? Mary didn’t ask why? – she asked how?

“How will this be since I am a Virgin?”

I’m sorry but if I was just chilling going through life, eating bread, drinking goats milk being engaged – doing what engaged people do, one of the first things I would ask (after I recovered from the shock) would be why? Why me? I would give some long speech of reasons why I didn’t want to carry the Messiah, why it shouldn’t be me, why this (what I would see as a burden) was placed on me.

Yes I’m selfish… Yet Mary wasn’t – she had faith, she was obedient, servant hearted and trusted that everything would work out. She had the ultimate faith in who God had designed her to be. In what her duty and purpose was. That is why she carried the Messiah, that is why she was the chosen one.

Next in the story of Mary we see she visited Elizabeth.. typical girl. Mary knew that if she was to succeed she needed to get around people who saw Gods blessings in her, who rejoiced with her even in uncertainty. She realised that sometimes Gods blessing didn’t look like blessing to the whole world.  Get around good community. Community builds faith.

Mary didn’t allow her circumstances or world view crowd her faith. She didn’t let her unbelief or the lies the world around her was telling her stop her from rejoicing in the truth of the blessings God had given her. Maybe today you need to recognise the blessings in your life, maybe you need to rejoice with someone or be rejoiced with. Be a faith builder. Trust when uncertainty runs rife, believe when your faith is low and have courage to rejoice even when the world doesn’t rejoice with you. Mary was a simple human too. Just like her you can do it too.





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