Slave To Son

So Seshan gave his daughter in marriage to Jahra his slave – 1 Chronicles 2 v 35

When Seshans daughter and Jahra got married the daughter would have been seen as adding to Jahra’s family in more ways than being a wife. Therefore the young man was expected to give something to componsate.  Yet Jahra became a son and a husband. “Now Seshan had no sons… but an Eygptian slave”. Jahra in one swoop changed from a slave to a son.

Under Roman law an adoped son was recognised in the same way as a natural son – at the time of adoption all of the records of the sons previous life were destroyed. The son  became a new creation with all the inheritance of a natural son. You know where I’m going with this…

Being reborn is becoming someome you have never been before, this new identidy is spirt level not flesh level. It turns our identidy from sinful to righteous. Jahra turned from a enslaved, orphan to a free, son with all the inheritance Seshan could offer. SO often we as christians believe we fall in love with God, he saves us, we do a few miracles by Gods grace and go to heaven. I’m not diminishing that but that is not all there is. God called you to be a new creation because he longs for you to reach higher heights than you ever have before. When we decide to do this life thing with God that means we have the creator of the universe, all powerful, all knowing on our side – If Gods love doesn’t change how you live that definitely should. He longs for your identidy to change from sinful to righteous and that you would truly know what that means.

For you dear one were bought with a price. An expensive price – tears, beating, death and mourning. You were bought with the biggest price – life. SO that you could not only go to heaven but that you could live a life full of freedom. Recognising your true identidy as an natural son or daughter of the one who created you.



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