Perspectives: Other People

One of the main ethoses of this blog is pursuing that call to share God’s love with other people, spreading that beautiful message that God loves you for who you are right now. And what a beautiful message it is, but sometimes we look at the people around us and we find it hard to l0ve them the way God does.

Sometimes we look at people and think that maybe if they just got rid of that thing in their life, or maybe if they matured a little we could love them. But that’s not how Jesus loved and it’s certainly not how He called us to love. You see, God was brought to earth in human form through Jesus as the perfect example of how we as His disciples, should live.

Look at the story of Zacchaeus, Jesus saw him in that tree while he was still so flawed, yet right then Jesus loved him, so much so that He wanted to spend a meal with him. Even more, Paul tells us in Romans 5:8 that “Christ died for us while we were still sinners”, He didn’t look at us and think “if only they didn’t sin so much, because then I could love them more.”

Just like Jesus we are called to love people where they are, unconditionally. I challenge you this week, to try and look at someone differently, see them through the eyes of Jesus. Love them for who they are, not who they could be. This isn’t easy, but it is worth it. Show someone God’s love this week by seeing them the way He does and treating them as His son or daughter.




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