Grow or Wilt 

For a long time I didn’t know what true friendship really looked like. Friends are important. Friends help you on your way battling yhrough life – so it’s important we make wise choices. So often we listen to the advice of our friends, that isn’t wrong yet watch who you are journeying life with. Watch what culture, dreams and ambitions you have and see if the people around you enable you to fufill them. Friendship is a two way street so think about the same for your friend. How can you support them in who they are and more importantly who you know they will become?

Your friendships can dictate your convictions. In Jeremiah 12, Jeremiah cries out to the lord about the wicked, he asks “why do all who are treachurous thrive?”. You see Jermeiah was concerned about Idols and a broken covenant with the lord. The people he was running with weren’t running where he wanted to go. So he cried out to God he sought wisdom in every corner of his life because he know the righteous God would awnser him. God is our greatest friend and the deepest foundation. 

If you are in a friendship right now that doesn’t add value to your life then think about cutting it. Or cutting time you send on it. I know it may seem harsh, but your influences shape who you become. If you feel a deep conviction about something your friend does speak to her/him, don’t let unity and good friendship go to waste. Your convictions are Gods direction. Be obedient even if it means some hard conversations.

Learn the diffrence between aquaintance and friendship. This can be a tricky one. If you are starting up a business you ask a businessman how to do it. If you are baking a cake you ask someone who can bake a cake. Friendship is so much like this – yes you journey things together and get things wrong but if the baker sought out a bricklayer to help him bake a cake they would have very diffrent ideas about how to get there and do it. Yes difference is so important and it adds so much value to our life. But the end goal is giving people the opportunity to believe in God. 

The bricklayer, baker can be so much like christian and non-christian relationships. I have so many incredible non-christian friends, who I trust with everything that comes my way but sometimes its not appropriate for them to give me advice and vice-versa siply because we are going in diffrent directions- for the mean time.
As we bid 2016 goodbye and say hello to 2017 take time to realise what you can bring to a friendship and what your friends bring to you. Maybe part of the reason your in a rut is the friends you are running with. Make tough but wise decisions. Don’t let indecision keep you from taking the next steps on the dream.

You are a witness. And being a light to non Christian friends is so Important my friend Matthew once said- ‘don’t trick yourself into thinking you are being a good witness when you are doing the very thing your friends are doing’ 

God is good and he displayed this truth so well. Ultimately Jesus is the one we go to for advice, intimately he is king and our greatest representative of what friendship looks like. He chose 12 but had an even smaller circle if deep dreamers. However in the Garden when he was just about to die- he went off. He knew the foundation of life with God was consoling in him, trusting in him and seeking him above any other friendship. 

Don’t know what to do? Pray. Yet there is also practical advice out there – My friend Noelle talks about friendship amazingly on her podcast – friendingpod. Check it out!

Love xo


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