New Year, Same You. 

For the last couple years, I’ve been given a notebook for Christmas. It’s my favourite present because it’s where I dream, assess and evaluate. It’s my first source of inspiration for the new year. 
When I open it the first thing I do is shown in the picture above. I open last year’s notebook and see what I’ve written. It is a reminder of how God has worked in my life and how in fact I have achieved something this year!
I look at last year’s notebook and marvel at the things God is capable of doing and it inspires me to dream so much greater in the new year. 
So why? I’m not a resolution person. I’m sure around this time of year everyone’s starting to talk about resolutions – about how they will eat less, gym more, read more, do more, be more. It’s all like one big Hollywood sign pointing you in the direction of how to be happy. 

Truth is I’m quite content with where I’m at. I have a lovely existence and to be honest around this time of year I become a little more comfortable than at any other. That’s why I do this. Because this exercise of faith enables me to dust off the cobwebs and run towards 2017 unafraid and fulfilled. It enables me to be accountable to God and myself. For resolutions die off. But an intentional devotion to the realities you want to see in your life have a 100% success rate when aligned with God’s heart and God’s vision for your life. And ofcourse you work,work,work,work,work. 

So take some time today. Sit down open a notebook or get a bit of printer paper (hey, we don’t discriminate!) And set out your goals. Assess who you are and the aspects of your character which you know could become more aligned with God. Make 3/4 dreams that you can actually put your time and energy into achieving. 
I promise when you open this book and place it beside your 2018 book they won’t look the same. Some of your dreams for who you want to be might need to move over to your 2018 dreams because you need a little more time – and that’s perfectly good. We are running towards God. Even if that’s one wobbly step at a time. 
Last thing. Promise. I finish all of this off with a page titled words to inspire. I spend some time in the book. The best book. I ask God to lead me to open it at verses for 2017. I ask him to speak to me – to tell me ways to draw closer to him and small snippets of grace I could never bring myself to understand. I align my vision for my areas of service and dreams with his word. So that in times of testing I know he is faithful to his word – the word that never runs dry of inspiration or life. 
Dream for your 2017. Don’t be daunted by a new year. Be excited for the potential and be devoted enough to carry out what you set out to do. 
We at SSL are cheering you on every step of the way. 💖


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