Perspectives:New Year’s Resolutions

It’s here the moment we’ve been anticipating… 2017 has arrived! A new year, a fresh start and time to get those resolutions into action. When the new year rolls in each of us are more aware of the opportunity to reflect and change. I love taking time to reflect on the past year and if you haven’t already I encourage you to do so (check out Shannon’s last post for some practical tips on this)

I love setting goals and constantly striving to live life to the full, but we have to be careful. Don’t get me wrong I love New Year’s resolutions but I think we can all admit that sometimes they are great until they go out the window in February. Sometimes this leads to guilt when we reflect, we think we aren’t capable of the changes we want to make, but sometimes we just have to try again.

Recently I read Psalm 147 and was reading about the structure of it. From verses 2-6 the Psalmist writes of how God forgives when we repent and true repentance starts with true humility by being “broken-hearted” and vulnerable. However, the Psalm doesn’t end here, after instructing us to look back with repentance he writes “Sing to the Lord with grateful praise” portraying that we should look forward and rejoice. I think the outline of this Psalm is a perfect way to think as we enter a new year. However, I think we can look back with both repentance and praise. Take some time over the next few days to reflect on how God has been working in your life throughout the last year as well as looking for those areas were change is needed.

Now on to the resolutions. Of course, everyone has their own personal resolutions that they make but I thought I would share just a few ideas. Before I do I want to encourage you not only to use these ideas but also to pray and press into God’s will for you for the coming year.

1- Start with Him

We all do it, we wake up and reach for are phones to scroll through newsfeed after newsfeed. But this year I encourage you to think about what you do with those precious moments when you first wake up. How about instead of replying to a snapchat with a grumpy morning selfie (I’m super guilty of this!) we wake by talking to God and reading His word. This way we start as we mean to go on with our hearts and eyes fixed on Him.

2-Be Vulnerable

How are you? How many times have you answered this question with that word which means a million things, “fine”. Ok so I’m not saying that we should pour our hearts out to every passer-by but having those meaningful conversations are key. One thing I think a lot us struggle with is gossip, what if instead of going to talk about someone else we open up and talk about how we really are with each other.

3-Have more faith than fear

Make the big decisions. Live your life on the line for Him. Isaiah 49:23 “Those who trust in [God] will never be put to shame.”


Finally- Happy New Year!!! I hope it’s a great one.


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