The Broken Become The Healers 

You’ve trusted the same leader for decades (for most of us, our whole lifetime), he was the one that led you to freedom – out of slavery and directly to God. He sat with you in the darkest times and lived through the joyous times. He was a great leader in whom you trusted. Our text is Joshua 10 (and I believe given by God) tere are three main points he wants to draw out today… let the points begin! 

1. The Israelites trusted Gods ability through their leaders, over who their leader actually was.

The Israelites knew that Moses had been anointed to lead them out of Egypt. They trusted his leadership, witnessed him do miracles and knew that he was the very leader God called him to be. Moses dies. Joshua rocks up. The Israelites had watched Joshua grow up. They knew every tiny detail about him. They knew from a young age if he showed leadership abilities or not – I’m sure often people doubted his ability. However the Israelites put there trust in God through Joshua. For us this means that in times of transition and change we need to vulnerably trust God over the changing waves. That Our eyes once fixed on him and hearts fully abandoned to him –  will lead us to green pastures even through uncertainty.  

2. The names of the 5 kings in the passage, give us an insight into the heart of God for the Israelites and indeed us. I love exploring names in the Bible – I love how this highlights God’s creativity and inate ability to care about every detail. The 5 kings: An orator will  enlighten the woe to them and the justice of the lord. Even in the destruction the justice of the lord is highlighted. The very names of the kings demonstrated to Joshua that God’s justice is greater than any earthly possession or position of power. 

“God in his divine grace and goodness has the capacity to orchestrate scars into beautiful works of art that he can use for his glory” 

3. Joshua 10 shows us how someone who realises being broken isn’t the vision can become a healer for a nation. The Israelites felt inadequate, forgotten (after all they still hadn’t made it to the promise land) and confused. However God taught them that even in these times of utter mess that they are conquerors through him. 

And the Lord said to Joshua, “Do not fear them, for I have given them into your hands. Not a man of them shall stand before you.”

Joshua 10:8 ESV

So today know brokenness isn’t the vision. Know you are called to use your past brokenness and align it with God to help others. Understand the importance of names and finally always know no matter if you feel it or not you are a conqueror through Christ.  

Lots of love SSL x


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