IT’S PANCAKE TUESDAY!! I’m not sure you can tell how excited I am, but I’m pretty ecstatic, I mean who doesn’t love a good pancake? But soon it will be over for another year and then comes those 40 days of lent.

I have to admit sometimes I think lent is misinterpreted, people use it as an excuse to take up that New Years Resolution that only lasted a few weeks or to justify and motivate going on a diet. But there is SO much more to lent than going off chocolate.

At the very start of Jesus’ ministry he went into the wilderness and fasted for 40 days and nights, reflecting, praying and preparing for the beginning of his ministry. Now Im not suggesting that we all have to fast for the duration of lent, however some do find this useful. The important thing is that we treat lent as a time of prayerful reliance on God. Therefore I really encourage you to pray and think over what you are going to give up or take on over lent. Ask yourselves what things are holding you back in your relationship with Jesus, what unnecessary distractions do you have.

When it comes to giving up something, sometimes it gets hard, in the times when its hard I encourage you not to complain but to turn to God for strength. This is such a great practice as we learn to depend more on God’s strength and not our own.

Also, over the last few years I have come across a new approach to lent, a generous lent-not a season of giving up but of giving. As I think of the amazing generosity of our father who gave us a saviour that we were so undeserving of, I am challenged to adopt God’s generous heart and obediently live it out. An amazing way to do this is through an initiative called 40 acts (signup link below). This initiative sends you daily challenges to do some acts of kindness for the 40 days of lent. Maybe this year instead of choosing an act of self-improvement try an act of unnecessary kindness-the impact you can make with one small act is amazing!

As you enjoy your pancakes think about how you want to spend your lent. I encourage us all to not think about what will benefit ourselves, but what will benefit our walk with God, and maybe also those around us.



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