To whoever needs this today.

Anyone who knows me or even just follows my Instagram knows that I love sunsets (probably more obsessed but let’s not pretend I’m that weird). Anytime there’s a gorgeous sunset I usually get a snapchat of it from multiple different people. Or even sunrises, during the winter months when the sun is just rising, I’ll be walking into school and my friends will turn to me and say did you see the sky, and I’m like duhh yes as if they don’t know me.
When I think of these things; sunsets and sunrises I just think Wow. How intricate each of them are. How different and unique they are to the one the evening before or the morning before. It amazes me beyond measure (and you probably know that if you’re with me when a vibrant sunset catches my eye- I freak out a little bit- I apologise for that).
Let’s get real here right now. This universe was created by HIM. This galaxy was created by HIM. This world was created by HIM. Therefore, these sunsets and these sunrises are HIS art. HIS masterpiece. HIS handiwork and we all know they’re beautiful- beyond beautiful. God makes incredible things. Beautiful things. You know what else He created? What else He dreamed up in his heart? And what he knitted together so beautifully and with so much love? take a wild guess…


The one who created jaw-dropping sunsets, the one who created Space. He also created you. Can we just think about that for a while. I find it so astounding. That we are one of His many, many, many masterpieces.
Each of us are uniquely formed, with our different gifts and talents, with our different laughs, with the different ways we talk, and the different ways we interpret things. You are just as unique as the sunsets every night.
He calls you a masterpiece. He created you. you are His masterpiece and His pride and joy. (Ephesians 2:10)

I recently read a book called “Love does” by Bob Goff and in the book he mentions that he had bought a painting that was so expensive he had to save up for ages. He loved it so much, he hung it up in his home, with young kids running around wild- risky or what. And by no surprise it got damaged. Bob said that this didn’t change the love he had for the art, that it actually made him love it more, even with the dents.
I think that God loves you like that. No matter what you do, He still loves you and still forgives you.  No matter what. He loves His masterpiece as if He paid thousands for you. God made you so extraordinary and just one of a kind. He holds onto you dearly, protecting you and keeping you from harm. He loves you that much. You are still His masterpiece even with a few bumps and scrapes (or a lot). You are a beautiful because He created you.

Jeremiah 31:3

Love always, SSL team. xo


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