True to You

I get things wrong. Like all the time. I feel like we are friends & that you can hopefully relate. I don’t know – maybe you don’t get things wrong? I know you’re just kidding yourself.

I don’t know if there are some questions in your life and things about yourself that you really can’t answer. If there are some things that you just don’t know? So when this happens, when there’s things you don’t understand or things that you don’t get – what do you do?

In my life I have found in these times I want to run and hide. From all that life has to offer. I want to say I don’t have gifts – to let myself off the hook from serving and giving my best. But the truth is, the voice inside my head – the wise one, that isn’t really my voice at all says: keep grounded in the faith. Keep going. Keep doing it afraid. Keep being real and honest.

Truth is there’s no special remedy. You don’t wake up some day and suddenly find stepping out in faith doesn’t scare you. You don’t wake up 20 years after giving your life to God – with breath in your body and say I’m done now, there’s no more I can do.

If i’m honest with myself – and really quite frank. If the actions you or I are doing with God don’t scare you – you’re staying inside a box called your comfort zone that God didn’t create for you to stay in. That you are actually doing things for Him, not with him. I love the bible. I love that the bible is full of people just like me who thousands of years ago were on the same journey. People who got things wrong, people who didn’t understand themselves or the world.

Now the angel of the Lord went up from Gilgal to Bochum. And he said, “I brought you up from Egypt and brought you into the land that I swore to give to your fathers. I said, ‘I will never break my covenant with you, and you shall make no covenant with the inhabitants of this land; you shall break down their altars.’ But you have not obeyed my voice. What is this you have done? So now I say, I will not drive them out before you, but they shall become thorns in your sides, and their gods shall be a snare to you.” – Judges 2:1-3 ESV

So what do we do when we find ourselves in a place of utter confusion? In a place where we know we have got things wrong?

  1. Fix your eyes on the truth of who He is. Not who you think he is.

So often just like the Israelites in this passage we can take our eyes of Jesus. We can forget that he has made a promise to us as long as eternity, that he will not leave us. That he will be with us. Do you trust that today? Do you trust that God isn’t far off and distant; on some cloud, but that he is actually living in you, walking with you – everyday?

  1. Go back to where you got things right. A word. Verse. Relationship. When did you know in the very depths of your soul that this was a God thing.

Go back to doing this. Keep doing it. Don’t stop when you think you have got life sorted out all over again. Keep it up. Keep doing the things God has called you to and is evidently moving in – until he tells you to go.

  1. Commit to not going anywhere God isn’t sending you. Commit to not leaving a place without Him.

Sometimes over time we build up scales around our heart. It’s not that we have drifted or gone off the rails or done something thing particularly unholy. Simply we have got caught up in life. We replace his love for the worlds. We may be eager to fulfill a new dream or scared of where we are – so we leave. We go chasing the next dream or run from the king of comfort to a place where we think we will find comfort.

When I go for dinner – sometimes I just can’t decide. (Who am I kidding I never know what I want)  Sometimes I even ask the waiter to pick the food for me!!! But what about when we live our lives like this – when we have accepted other people dictating who we are, what we want and who we will always be?

We live surrounded by ungodly pressures to be someone we are not – instead of understanding that everyone is just trying to figure themselves out & that we will continue to keep exploring who we are for an eternity to come. We make the world’s beliefs more important than the God ingrained beliefs within ourselves. We allow the world to dictate our calling instead of the very one who created us. I know you know this. I get you have heard it all before – but so often it is the little things that trip us up. The things we think we understand that we need to be reminded of.

My heart for you today is that you would know we all make mistakes. That God doesn’t have a gold star sticker board in heaven. Living for Christ isn’t like a school test. You don’t get graded. Know today God’s kingdom reigns even when we don’t feel in control. Often when our worlds spinning we doubt that God’s in control, when truly this simply reveals a truth in us. That we were living thinking,  we were allowing  God to be in control of our lives. When really we were holding onto the wheel – not letting him even close. God’s good – his very core is goodness. So know today, He hasn’t promised that there won’t be confusion. His every word tells us of people who have drifted and returned – Jesus’ very call on is life was to reconcile us to God. So that we would live a life of adventure, devoted to Him. Ending our earthly days to enter a place of utter clarity. Rest in his knowledge, live out of his strength – abandoned to his spirit. He’s in control. You only have to let him.

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