Indie Makeup Brands

What is an ‘indie brand’?

Well it’s simply a small independently owned brand that usually sell their products online for example, on their own websites or on websites like Etsy.

Now a days, there are huge brands that rule the commercial world, this is the exact same when it comes to makeup companies! Big companies like Estee Lauder also own well brands like Mac, Too Faced, Becca, Bobbie Brown, Clinique, DKNY, Jo Malone, La Mer, Michael Kors, Origins, Smashbox and many more.

This means that small makeup companies can have a hard time getting noticed and their products are often underrated. I think it’s great to support small businesses because it really makes a difference to the people behind the businesses lives. We can try out new and creative makeup whilst remembering that someone put so much time and effort into making such an amazing and probably hand made product! It’s refreshing to see real people behind these lovely small businesses, it’s so much more personal and friendly which is what I love.

Some people might be wary of getting products online for various reasons, but with sites like Etsy, you can’t go wrong. Etsy has such a wide variety of products and is my favourite place to get unique gifts for my friends and family, they have thousands of small companies from all over the world to choose from.

Featured brand: Sugacrush Cosmetics

Sugacrush Cosmetics are one of my go-to indie makeup brands for one of my favourite things… Glitter!

Across their site, they have a range of creme glitters and loose glitters to choose from. I own six of their creme glitter which I adore because you don’t need any glitter adhesive to apply them which means less hassle and less mess!!

glitter  k.jpg


These creme glitters can be applied to the eyes (on their own or over eye shadow) and to the body ( which is great for festivals) and are over very easy to apply and wear throughout the day.

On the left, are the swatches of the creme glitters without flash and on the right, are the glitters with flash. As you can see from the swatches, they are very high quality and you use very little product, I just dipped my brush in and swiped it on my hand for full coverage. The crème glitters shown in the pictures above cost £3.99 and their loose glitter (suitable for eyes, hair, body and nails) is only £1.99!

Colour shades from Top-bottom:-

  • Crushed Diamond KF
  • Baby Gold KF
  • Parisian KF
  • Roses Secrets KF
  • Wednesday KF
  • Flame KF

If you are interested in any of these products, feel free to check out their website or instagram and if you have any questions, you can message the on instagram.



*disclaimer* all opinions are my own, this is not sponsored

Etsy makeup stores:

  • Touchofglambeauty
  • TheMakeupStore
  • BrokenArrowBeauty
  • Madlabcosmetics
  • BeautyBarBaby
  • SpectrumCosmetics
  • Aromi
  • Llicosmetics
  • MoonglimmerCosmetics
  • AddictiveCosmetics
  • TheChequeredLily
  • Afiaspressedglitter
  • AlyseMarieCosmetics
  • FeatherRiverBody
  • CrushCostmetics
  • Lolita Cosmetics
  • SapphireCosmetics
  • GlitterEyesOffical
  • ValericaCosmetics
  • CheriGlowCosmetics
  • prettiesforyourface

you can find all of these on-

All of these stores have a huge range of high quality products at a very good price ranging from; lipstick, highlighter, glitter, foundation, eye shadow and various other amazing makeup products and brushes. You will also find that these products are hand made and therefore mainly vegan and cruelty free (which is always a good thing!). These brands are just a select few available on Esty, if you need any new makeup or want to try something different, I would recommend going online to have a look and experience some unique indie brand makeup which is often much better quality for a much better price… and your helping others by buying their products!

love, Lauren xx



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