Makeup must-haves

In todays post, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my all time favourite makeup products. This is basically a list of products that I would recommend which is perfect for those of you who are looking to try new things or are starting out in makeup.



This foundation is one of my favourite drugstore/affordable foundations because it has a lovely medium but buildable coverage but still looks natural. I also love that they have a good shade range so there is something for everyone- including all of us with a fair complexion. I like the idea that they have two different formulas; one formula is more suited towards normal to dry skin ( the one I tend to go for), the foundation itself is glowy on the skin and doesn’t sit in any dry patches. They also have a foundation formulated for more oily to combination skin types that has a matte finish if you are worried that dewy foundation might not be flattering on your skin type.



This concealer has literally been the only concealer I have used for years, I’ve lost count of how many times I have repurchased it and it’s definitely one of the best affordable concealers out  there! At only £4.19, this concealer has great coverage for using on both any imperfections or redness you may want to cover up and to use under the eyes to cover up any dark circles. I use the lightest colour which is great for fair skin, however this colour can also be used by those with light to medium skin tones to brighten under the eye. Finally, this concealer is great because it has great longevity, lasting all day, it doesn’t crease or move when set with powder.



If you haven’t yet tried highlighter, there’s only one drugstore highlighter you need to worry about! The sleek highlighting palettes are one of the best and ne of the most reasonably priced highlighters you can get your hands on. My personal favourite is the solstice palette because the colours are just stunning. This palette of mine is very well used and will give you a very intense glow when you spray your brush with a bit of setting spray or a natural glow if you use it sparingly. I tend to use a small fluffy brush to apply the product to the tops of my cheekbones, down the centre of the nose, cupids bow and wherever else you feel like it.


I couldn’t just choose one eyeshadow palette so here are a few of my favourites depending on your price range and what you tend to go for.




All of these eyeshadow palette have very high pigmentation and blend nicely into the skin and the shadows themselves are all very smooth. If you are on a low budget and only wear eyeshadows on a rare occasion, I would recommend the Tanya Burr eye palettes as they have a nice range of very wearable colours that are easy to use. If you are a makeup lover, you need to try the Morphe palettes, they are great value for money and there are loads of colours to choose from depending on what shades you like to wear. The ABH palette is a little pricey, however the quality of these shadows are out of this world! The shade range is stunning and has a nice variety of mattes and shimmers. You can easily recreate those gorgeous rusty red eyeshadow looks and warm brown smokey eyes you see all over Instagram, because chances are they have used this palette.

*note* – They do not currently sell the Tanya Burr Hollywood eye palette, however, there are other gorgeous alternatives in her collection. I decided to include this as I am a fan of the brand and the eyeshadow formula!



This little brow kit is great for beginners as it is affordable and it comes with a wide range of shades ( suit everyone!), it also means that if you don’t exactly know what shade you like more, you can try different colours and even mix shades to create your ‘perfect brows’. Another reason I love this kit is that it comes with a brush and a mini pair of tweezers to its great for travelling as it has everything you could  ever need. The colour fairy cake; which is an off white shade with a tiny bit of shimmer can be applied on the brow bone to highlight the brow, the shade pebble is great for blondes and lightening other colours, the shade chestnut is great for redheads and warm brunettes as it has a warm tone to it and the shade hot cocoa is great for dark hair and can be used to darken the other colours. Personally, I use a mixture of pebble and hot cocoa for my eyebrows.


This is quite a new mascara from Maybelline, but I have been obsessed with it as soon as I tried it on, this mascara is great for achieving the voluminous lashes of your dreams!Maybelline mascaras are in general some of my favourite affordable mascaras out there, I love the lash-sensational mascara and The Falshies mascara range.  The wand is tapered at the end which means that you can get right in at those inner lashes and its also great for the lower lashes. This mascara isn’t clumpy at all and is very easy to apply, it is also quite easy to remove with an oil based makeup remover such as Garnier 2 in 1 makeup remover.


These have a lovely velvety formula and dry down matte for a long lasting liquid lip, I like them because they aren’t drying on the lips and aren’t too thick, so they are very comfortable to wear but still very pigmented. They have a very extensive shade range, from nudes to bright to vampy dark lips- there’s something for everyone!

Shades from bottom to top: Ruby Woo (retro matte), relentlessly red (retro matte), viva glam x Ariana Grande lipstick (matte), Brick-o-la (amplified lipstick), kinda sexy (matte), flamingo (lustre).

Another one of my favourite lip products are the MAC lipsticks they also have a huge range of colours and formulas so that if you don’t like matte lipsticks, then they have crème sheen and lustre formulas which are more creamy and light on the lips. The retro mattes are extremely matte and very long lasting, however slightly drying on the lips so make sure to apply a lip scrub and lip balm before use to get the best finish. The matte formula is much less drying and feels smoother on the lips but is still quite long lasting with great pigmentation. I adore all the colours and use them all regularly, if you are looking for a good quality lipstick, I would definitely go for MAC! You are bound to find the perfect colour for you because they pretty much have every colour under the sun.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you get some great new makeup loves, Lauren xx




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