I choose not too, sometimes.

My devoutions don’t always look like this.

I sat down today to do my devoutions. With the honest and good intention of actually doing them. Here we are an hour later and you have guessed it. They are not done. Today I spent most of my day eating four portions of lasagne and watching Ed Sheeran carpool caroke – because when you have an exam in two days, procrastination has to be your middle name.

Anyway I sat down. Opened my laptop to put on some super spiritual music so that I was you know – in the zone. I ended up writing an article for the sschool magazine and organising things for an upcoming event – my bible sat closed on my bed. I’m in the process of learning that I can meet God anywhere and in anything. I believe so strongly that secular and christian culture shouldn’t exist. That the entire earth should be cultivated to become a culture solely fixed on him. That doesn’t mean no make-up, scientific discoveries or Ed sheeran ( because that would be a third world disaster ). It simply means that God is so evidently and intricately inside each one of those things. Our God is a creative God, He desinged the world – He knows what Hess’s law is, because he gave someone the wisdom created it, He gifted Ed with his angelic voice. God is in the midst of it all. Everything.

For a while now I have been reading Romans. I love Roman’s don’t get me wrong but I want to be reading 2 kings because that is what I need to be reading in order to fulfil my reading schedule. ( I know – avid planner much). But seriously. My bookmark is in 2nd Kings, mentally, I am in 2nd kings and every day I have a conversation with God that goes like this.


Me: 2nd kings?

God: silent

Me: Please

God: you know that in this season I want you to know the truth about who you are, I want you to read my word to from a deeper relationship with me, not just to study and understand it.

Me: sorry God, Romans it is.

I do this everyday – you would think I would learn.

How often in our lives are we like this. How often do we mentally be in one place but physically in another. God is teaching me how to honour him better. I’m still learning. I love that we get to learn together. Be encouraged if your devotions don’t look instagram perfect. Mine rarley do. 

God knew in that season I didn’t have the mental capacity to study the Old Testemenet. He knew that I needed to hear truth, not striving. He met me in that moment and He longed for me to read His word in order to rest. Not to work harder.

I think we are all learning about rest, especially through this exam season. We need to learn to honour our body and minds capacity.  It is a truly beautiful thing that God loves us so deeply despite all of our failings. He loves to spend time with me even though often I choose not to spend time with Him.

All my love, shannon x

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