Praying for disciple-makers

“Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men” ~Matthew 4:19

Back on the 31st March in a small hall on the Strand road I witnessed a beautiful sight as various generations joined in unity to pray for young disciple makers. When I say young disciple-makers do not misinterpret this as a group of “elite christians” or only people with certain giftings, if you love Jesus you can and are called to be a disciple maker. Dont believe me? Jesus addressed the verse above to working class fishermen who were likely illiterate, yet He used them significantly for the Kingdom (He can use you in the same way!)

We used the verse above as our stimulus and encouraged groups to write a prayer on a fish and hook it onto the net. By the end of the night that net was full of fish shaped prayers. This wasnt just a pretty prayer station, but a symbol of what can happen when we pray expectantly. As we pray for bold hearts to share the good news of Jesus, the net becomes fuller as more hearts are touched as they encounter Jesus. Does that not just excite you to your very core?

This station was a reminder not only to pray for those who don’t know Jesus but also for more to actively share His truths, for more people to become a “living sacrifice” letting God use them however he wishes. Jesus reminds us of just how crucial this is in Matthew 9:37 as He shares, “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”

The command is simple, “Come, follow me”, yet the action can be such a challenge. We are aware there are consequences of being His disciples but the cost is SO worth it. As we walk with God secure in our missional purpose we become increasingly aware of how awesome, how powerful, how all-consuming the love of our Heavenly Father is.

To finish this glimpse into the heart of this prayer station I want to leave my own prayer for myself and disciple-makers world wide;

Dear Father,

You are all and more than we could ever imagine, help us to be so in love with you that we can’t help but share you. We are aware it’s not always easy to follow you, that rejection is a possibility, but help us to rest in your strength knowing that you are always worth it. Lord break our hearts for the things that break yours, make the brokenness impossible to ignore as we step into our calling to make disciples, to spread your light and love.


love always, Rachel xoxo


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