hey you.

Someone once started a message to me like this. It didn’t matter what the message said, only what the opening two words meant- that did. I felt like she saw me. From the depths of my soul. The way I smiled, cried and laughed. The way I sometimes felt alone even though I was often surrounded by people.

The honest answer is, it doesnt matter how people say it or what they say. All that matters is that they see you. Every part. This blog began as a closure letter to myself and ended up as something so much more. Its a story of how a mess of a fifteen year old girl slowly began to find her wings. How she drew constellations with her dreams. How she sought closure in every nook and cranny but truly found it in him.

My hope is that you will realise, that you my darling are Blessed beyond measure. Loved beyond a doubt. But most importantly – that you are seen. You are important. You are light. For sometimes its ok not to feel strong, we are simple people with beautiful stories. But always remember broken crayons still colour and in this season you are precious.


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