Ethical Beauty: why should you go cruelty free?

What does ‘cruelty free’ mean?

A cruelty free makeup brand is a brand that does not test their ingredients or the products themselves on animals. (the fact this is still allowed is so surprising to me!). One of the main reasons why a brand would choose to test on animals is if they are in business with China as it is mandatory that the products are tested on animals there or because in some cases it is cheaper and will make the brand more money!

How do you know if a brand is ‘cruelty free’?

Most of the time it is very easy to find out whether a brand is cruelty free as they will be listed by a program called leaping bunny which work along side companies to help consumers like us find trustworthy cruelty free and animal-friendly makeup brands. You can find their logo on the back of some makeup brands like Lime Crime. They also have an app for Android and Apple that has a list of brands that are cruelty free which is easy to use.

Another way to find cruelty free brands is through a simple Google search, simply search the makeup brand, go on their website, once your there you can find their terms which usually states whether or not they are cruelty free. If you are still struggling, then you can always contact the brand through their customer service options to find out.

Top Animal-Friendly brands-

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • BH Cosmetics
  • Becca
  • Bareminerals
  • By Terry
  • Barry M
  • The Body Shop
  • Charlotte Tilbury
  • Cover Fx
  • Colourpop
  • Collection Cosmetics
  • Dose of Colors
  • Elf
  • Freedom
  • Gosh
  • Hourglass
  • Illamasqua
  • It Cosmetics
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics
  • Kat Von D
  • Lime Crime
  • Milani
  • MUA
  • Makeup Geek
  • Morphe
  • Nars
  • NYX Cosmetics
  • Ofra Cosmetics
  • OCC
  • Pixi
  • Sugarpill
  • Sleek
  • Seventeen
  • Soap and Glory
  • The Balm Cosmetics
  • Too Faced
  • Tarte
  • Urban Decay
  • W7
  • Zoeva

These are just a few of a wide range of brand options if you want to shop cruelty free makeup! You can find these brands on Cult Beauty,  Beautybay, Superdrug,  Boots and Debenhams.

What to do with your non- cruelty free makeup

When researching this topic, I actually decided to make the change and go cruelty free! I think it’s such an important topic so here is the current petition that The Body Shop is currently supporting which is against testing on animals:

I encourage you to sign this petition to help make all makeup cruelty free!

If you decide to go cruelty free and you realise that some of the makeup you own does test on animals, then here’s a few alternatives to just throwing it away and as a result wasting it.

Some brands that aren’t YET cruelty free include; Revlon, L’Oréal, MAC, Bourjois, Clinique, Avon, Rimmel, Max Factor, Benefit, Maybelline, Estee Lauder and many more!

You could;

  1. Give the makeup to a woman’s centre/ charity ( especially if it is new or suitable for someone else to use).
  2. Give it to your mum/sister/auntie or any friends or family member that might use it.

*extra note*

If you will be attending our very first event (yay) called Honour, I will be doing a simple summer makeup tutorial using ALL animal-friendly makeup products! See you there, Lauren xx




Makeup must-haves

In todays post, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my all time favourite makeup products. This is basically a list of products that I would recommend which is perfect for those of you who are looking to try new things or are starting out in makeup.



This foundation is one of my favourite drugstore/affordable foundations because it has a lovely medium but buildable coverage but still looks natural. I also love that they have a good shade range so there is something for everyone- including all of us with a fair complexion. I like the idea that they have two different formulas; one formula is more suited towards normal to dry skin ( the one I tend to go for), the foundation itself is glowy on the skin and doesn’t sit in any dry patches. They also have a foundation formulated for more oily to combination skin types that has a matte finish if you are worried that dewy foundation might not be flattering on your skin type.



This concealer has literally been the only concealer I have used for years, I’ve lost count of how many times I have repurchased it and it’s definitely one of the best affordable concealers out  there! At only £4.19, this concealer has great coverage for using on both any imperfections or redness you may want to cover up and to use under the eyes to cover up any dark circles. I use the lightest colour which is great for fair skin, however this colour can also be used by those with light to medium skin tones to brighten under the eye. Finally, this concealer is great because it has great longevity, lasting all day, it doesn’t crease or move when set with powder.



If you haven’t yet tried highlighter, there’s only one drugstore highlighter you need to worry about! The sleek highlighting palettes are one of the best and ne of the most reasonably priced highlighters you can get your hands on. My personal favourite is the solstice palette because the colours are just stunning. This palette of mine is very well used and will give you a very intense glow when you spray your brush with a bit of setting spray or a natural glow if you use it sparingly. I tend to use a small fluffy brush to apply the product to the tops of my cheekbones, down the centre of the nose, cupids bow and wherever else you feel like it.


I couldn’t just choose one eyeshadow palette so here are a few of my favourites depending on your price range and what you tend to go for.




All of these eyeshadow palette have very high pigmentation and blend nicely into the skin and the shadows themselves are all very smooth. If you are on a low budget and only wear eyeshadows on a rare occasion, I would recommend the Tanya Burr eye palettes as they have a nice range of very wearable colours that are easy to use. If you are a makeup lover, you need to try the Morphe palettes, they are great value for money and there are loads of colours to choose from depending on what shades you like to wear. The ABH palette is a little pricey, however the quality of these shadows are out of this world! The shade range is stunning and has a nice variety of mattes and shimmers. You can easily recreate those gorgeous rusty red eyeshadow looks and warm brown smokey eyes you see all over Instagram, because chances are they have used this palette.

*note* – They do not currently sell the Tanya Burr Hollywood eye palette, however, there are other gorgeous alternatives in her collection. I decided to include this as I am a fan of the brand and the eyeshadow formula!



This little brow kit is great for beginners as it is affordable and it comes with a wide range of shades ( suit everyone!), it also means that if you don’t exactly know what shade you like more, you can try different colours and even mix shades to create your ‘perfect brows’. Another reason I love this kit is that it comes with a brush and a mini pair of tweezers to its great for travelling as it has everything you could  ever need. The colour fairy cake; which is an off white shade with a tiny bit of shimmer can be applied on the brow bone to highlight the brow, the shade pebble is great for blondes and lightening other colours, the shade chestnut is great for redheads and warm brunettes as it has a warm tone to it and the shade hot cocoa is great for dark hair and can be used to darken the other colours. Personally, I use a mixture of pebble and hot cocoa for my eyebrows.


This is quite a new mascara from Maybelline, but I have been obsessed with it as soon as I tried it on, this mascara is great for achieving the voluminous lashes of your dreams!Maybelline mascaras are in general some of my favourite affordable mascaras out there, I love the lash-sensational mascara and The Falshies mascara range.  The wand is tapered at the end which means that you can get right in at those inner lashes and its also great for the lower lashes. This mascara isn’t clumpy at all and is very easy to apply, it is also quite easy to remove with an oil based makeup remover such as Garnier 2 in 1 makeup remover.


These have a lovely velvety formula and dry down matte for a long lasting liquid lip, I like them because they aren’t drying on the lips and aren’t too thick, so they are very comfortable to wear but still very pigmented. They have a very extensive shade range, from nudes to bright to vampy dark lips- there’s something for everyone!

Shades from bottom to top: Ruby Woo (retro matte), relentlessly red (retro matte), viva glam x Ariana Grande lipstick (matte), Brick-o-la (amplified lipstick), kinda sexy (matte), flamingo (lustre).

Another one of my favourite lip products are the MAC lipsticks they also have a huge range of colours and formulas so that if you don’t like matte lipsticks, then they have crème sheen and lustre formulas which are more creamy and light on the lips. The retro mattes are extremely matte and very long lasting, however slightly drying on the lips so make sure to apply a lip scrub and lip balm before use to get the best finish. The matte formula is much less drying and feels smoother on the lips but is still quite long lasting with great pigmentation. I adore all the colours and use them all regularly, if you are looking for a good quality lipstick, I would definitely go for MAC! You are bound to find the perfect colour for you because they pretty much have every colour under the sun.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you get some great new makeup loves, Lauren xx



Indie Makeup Brands

What is an ‘indie brand’?

Well it’s simply a small independently owned brand that usually sell their products online for example, on their own websites or on websites like Etsy.

Now a days, there are huge brands that rule the commercial world, this is the exact same when it comes to makeup companies! Big companies like Estee Lauder also own well brands like Mac, Too Faced, Becca, Bobbie Brown, Clinique, DKNY, Jo Malone, La Mer, Michael Kors, Origins, Smashbox and many more.

This means that small makeup companies can have a hard time getting noticed and their products are often underrated. I think it’s great to support small businesses because it really makes a difference to the people behind the businesses lives. We can try out new and creative makeup whilst remembering that someone put so much time and effort into making such an amazing and probably hand made product! It’s refreshing to see real people behind these lovely small businesses, it’s so much more personal and friendly which is what I love.

Some people might be wary of getting products online for various reasons, but with sites like Etsy, you can’t go wrong. Etsy has such a wide variety of products and is my favourite place to get unique gifts for my friends and family, they have thousands of small companies from all over the world to choose from.

Featured brand: Sugacrush Cosmetics

Sugacrush Cosmetics are one of my go-to indie makeup brands for one of my favourite things… Glitter!

Across their site, they have a range of creme glitters and loose glitters to choose from. I own six of their creme glitter which I adore because you don’t need any glitter adhesive to apply them which means less hassle and less mess!!

glitter  k.jpg


These creme glitters can be applied to the eyes (on their own or over eye shadow) and to the body ( which is great for festivals) and are over very easy to apply and wear throughout the day.

On the left, are the swatches of the creme glitters without flash and on the right, are the glitters with flash. As you can see from the swatches, they are very high quality and you use very little product, I just dipped my brush in and swiped it on my hand for full coverage. The crème glitters shown in the pictures above cost £3.99 and their loose glitter (suitable for eyes, hair, body and nails) is only £1.99!

Colour shades from Top-bottom:-

  • Crushed Diamond KF
  • Baby Gold KF
  • Parisian KF
  • Roses Secrets KF
  • Wednesday KF
  • Flame KF

If you are interested in any of these products, feel free to check out their website or instagram and if you have any questions, you can message the on instagram.



*disclaimer* all opinions are my own, this is not sponsored

Etsy makeup stores:

  • Touchofglambeauty
  • TheMakeupStore
  • BrokenArrowBeauty
  • Madlabcosmetics
  • BeautyBarBaby
  • SpectrumCosmetics
  • Aromi
  • Llicosmetics
  • MoonglimmerCosmetics
  • AddictiveCosmetics
  • TheChequeredLily
  • Afiaspressedglitter
  • AlyseMarieCosmetics
  • FeatherRiverBody
  • CrushCostmetics
  • Lolita Cosmetics
  • SapphireCosmetics
  • GlitterEyesOffical
  • ValericaCosmetics
  • CheriGlowCosmetics
  • prettiesforyourface

you can find all of these on-

All of these stores have a huge range of high quality products at a very good price ranging from; lipstick, highlighter, glitter, foundation, eye shadow and various other amazing makeup products and brushes. You will also find that these products are hand made and therefore mainly vegan and cruelty free (which is always a good thing!). These brands are just a select few available on Esty, if you need any new makeup or want to try something different, I would recommend going online to have a look and experience some unique indie brand makeup which is often much better quality for a much better price… and your helping others by buying their products!

love, Lauren xx


Power of Makeup

The Power of Makeup

As it was international woman’s day on 8th March, I thought it would be relevant to talk about this particular subject that so many women struggle with at some point in their life.

There has always been an image of beauty to obtain. Throughout history, especially in the 19th century, women would go to extreme lengths to make their skin appear pale and youthful. They would apply a cosmetic called ceruse which included poisonous ingredients like white lead. In the short term, the ceruse would give them a very youthful look by making the skin appear fairer. However, ironically the poisonous ingredients they used on their skin, overtime did the opposite to the desired effect. So, the more you used it, the more you needed. This may even have been the reason for a lot of women’s death as a result of poisoning. Other methods included prepping the skin with mercury and even drinking vinegar! This seems ridiculous now, but is it really that different?

(source: Face paint by Lisa Eldridge)

In recent years, women have been breaking the rules of an ‘idealistic’ beauty standard. One example of this is the power of makeup tag which soon turned into a trend, in a era obsessed with plastic surgery and Photoshop. The ‘power of makeup’ tag has been going around for the past year. Its started with a beauty blogger called Nikkie Tutorials who uploaded a YouTube video called the power of makeup and it has since exploded.

This tag involves the participant doing ‘dramatic’ or ‘full-face’ makeup on one half of their face and leaving the other half completely makeup free. It has a moving meaning of how in todays society, young girls are encouraged or even pressured into wearing makeup in order to meet the ‘beauty standards’ set by todays media and society. the video shows how although makeup is a wonderful way to express yourself and can boost ones confidence, it is also extremely important that we all feel happy and the same confidence in our own skin. The video became so popular ( currently on 34 million views) that Nikkie collaborated with a huge cosmetic company called ‘Two Faced’ to create her very own Power of Makeup Palette which was sold across the world.

Products I used:


L’Oréal true match foundation in rose ivory
Collection lasting perfection concealer in fair
Bourjois radiance reveal concealer
Bourjois poudre de riz de java
The balm voyage palette vol. 2
(bronzer, blush and highlight)
Seventeen instant glow in golden bronze
Sleek highlighting palette in Solstice

Benefit ka-brow in 3
Benefit ready set brows
Benefit high brow

Morphe 35F palette (purple Shimmer over the eyelid, warm light brown transition colour and black in the outer corner)
Collection fast stroke eyeliner
Rimmel scandal eyes reloaded mascara
Kiss lashes in ritzy
Urban decay glide on pencil eyeliner in perversion (waterline)


Mac Ariana Grande viva glam 1 matte lipstick

Link to original video:

The video my pale skin posted had the gripping and quite shocking title- “you look disgusting”. The video shows how there is no pleasing or no way that anyone can meet the standards of today’s society. It features comments that she has personally received online in some of her previous YouTube videos and instagram photos, some truly hard to believe and eye-opening. The video starts with a bare faced woman and how the comments about her imperfections compel her to start applying makeup in order to cover all her “flaws”. However, this only ends in her getting different negative comments that are now described as “makeup shaming” where people make negative remarks on people wearing too much makeup. This powerful message shows young girls that no matter how hard you try to impress or meet the standards of beauty, people will still try to knock you down and lower you confidence. The standard of beauty  is an impossible goal that no one should want or have to strive for.

Link to original video:

These messages encourage young girls to he comfortable and happy with themselves and that makeup is something you should wear for you and not to cover up your ‘imperfections’ for someone else. It’s a refreshing change for young girls who love makeup as they can have a role model that promotes self-love ane positive self image and not a false perception of beauty that we often see on the cover of magazines who target audience is young women. These women are often photoshopped (possibly without permission) into being the idealistic and perfect vision of beauty. They give the impression that if you are anything but this, you are not beautiful but this is unrealistic and frankly nearly impossible to achieve for us young women and are encouraged to get ‘enhanced’ through things like plastic surgery which although for some can be so life changing, is not something that every girl should wish to have or become part of our normal beauty routine.

When I am feeling like I am not good enough. I simply look at the ‘fathers love letter’, this is a combination of uplifting scripture that helps return to what really matters. This letter is something that I encourage everyone to read, we are all his children. It personally has helped me reinvent my idea of beauty and is a reminder that God has created you and reminds me to praise him because ‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made'(psalm 139:14).

Link to ‘a fathers love letter’:

Thank you for reading, lots of love

Lauren xxx

Spring is here

Two colourful looks to try this spring

Look one:

Metallic Eyes


This look was inspired by spring/summer trends that I have seen recently. One of my favourite trends has to be metallic makeup, I had so much fun creating this excited  with metallic green eyes. I paired the eyes with a neon lip, you can choose any colour but for this look I thought a bright coral would look best.



Benefit that gal illuminating primer

L’Oréal true match foundation in rose ivory

Collection lasting perfection concealer in fair

Bourjois poudre de riz de java

Rimmel good to glow liquid highlighter in Notting Hill glow

Sleek highlighting palette in Solstice

Sleek blush by three palette in lace


Tanya burr perfect brows kit

Benefit gimme brow in 05


Seventeen wild metallic eyes in wild green

Urban decay moondust palette in lightyear

Rimmel khol eyeliner pencil in nude

Rimmel scandal eyes reloaded mascara

Barry M dazzle dust in 15 (inner corner)


Max factor lipstick in pink brandy

Makeup revolution salvation velvet lip lacquer in keep flying for you in centre

Urban decay all nighter setting spray




Look two: peachy glow


Look two was inspired by another one of my favourite trends this spring, peach tones. I love wearing peach tones both on the eyes and on the lips *tip*( if you don’t want to spend money on peach eyeshadow, you can alway use some peach blush so that you can use it for two purposes). I paired this peachy look with some gold glitter under the eye which I extended up to make a wing.


L’Oréal true match foundation

Collection lasting perfection concealer

Bourjois poudre de riz de java

Sleek blush by three palette in lace

Sleek highlighting palette in Solstice


Tanya burr perfect brows kit

Benefit gimme brow


Sleek blush by three; crochet as a transition shade, cantilly in crease and guipure on the lid

Rimmel scandal eyes reloaded mascara

Sugacrush creme glitter in babygold kf

Collection glam crystals gel liner in funk


Mac lustre lipstick in flamingo

Urban decay all nighter setting spray




Bible quote:

“The winter is past; the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth, the time of signing has come…”

– Song of Songs 2:11-12