His Grace covers you. 

Hey, you. 

I think that often we remember parts of our past which are broken. The parts which aren’t particularly positive memories and the chapters that aren’t really nice to think of. I know that a lot of us have broken pasts, many of us are going through a patch which is so cracked and so broken that it is so hard to even piece together a few steps. Whether the brokenness is right now, in the past or in the future, it’s relevant to us all.

If I’m being honest, sometimes I think things like why did God save me when I did this and why does He love me when I do this and why did He choose me and why… and the list goes on and the whys get longer.

I’m continuously baffled by the love and mercy God has for us, even when we still sin, we still do bad things, we don’t do as much for Him as we could and should. I am still bewildered at the fact that He loves so deeply even when He knows the deepest and darkest low in our life.

I am still perplexed that He forgives the humanly unforgivable. He forgives the worst sin, He forgives the deepest hate, He even forgives us for the devastating and disastrous past we’ve lived.  But He does. He really does. It is amazing and it’s incredible and it’s kind of unbelievable, but it is so true and so real. And so is His Grace.

By His grace. Our pasts are forgiven. The addictions, the sorrow, the hate, the brokenness. It’s all forgiven. We receive the most grace in the brokenness. He seeks us in the brokenness. I was watching a video a while ago  and it says “once we experience Gods’ love, our broken past is nothing but the proof of gods grace.” How amazing is that?

God sees you. He sees the loving you. The you who texts that person that looked a bit sad, the you who buys a coffee to a stranger, the one who lives for Him and shows His love. When looking at you, He doesn’t look at you and be like “nope I can’t answer that prayer, you done that bad thing last year.” He doesn’t say “no I’ll pass this time because she didn’t give that guy on the side of the street any spare change.” He also doesn’t look at you and say “no i can’t forgive them because their past is too dark.”  He doesn’t see your past. He doesn’t look at your past or the wrongs in your life. He has those covered. He doesn’t leave us in that brokenness. All by grace. Forgive yourself because His grace has already covered you in mercy and love.  He says “yes, I love you and I forgive you” and continues to say it, even after the 13th time, even after every single time.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

– 2 Corinthians 12:9

Lots of love, from all of us at She Spreads Light. X 


Comfort zones are comfortable and familiar. They’re not scary and we don’t have to take a leap of faith and we don’t have a rapid heart rate when we go into them.  That’s why we love them and rarely leave them. Leaving that comfort zone is sometimes almost completely debilitating and terrifying. I think many of us wait for God to tell us where to go or what to do next instead of just doing it when we feel that we want to, we wait until we feel comfortable to take that step.

I was watching a show when one of the characters said this and it kind of hit me:

“Everyday you don’t open the door, it gets a little easier to stay inside… no one can open this door but you.”

I just thought comfort zone. I think this is so true, I think that if you create a comfort zone and stay In it, it does become harder to leave it, it becomes harder to make dreams happen. A lot of us have beautiful dreams, but it’s so hard to carry them out and let them unfold due to this invisible box we have ourselves trapped inside. God will give you that dream and He will constantly speak to you and tell you to do it, but you have to take the action. You have to actually listen to him and believe that leaving that invisible box is safe, it’s not dangerous and it really isn’t scary. All you have to do is say yes. All you have to do is go and do it.

Nehemiah was like all of us. He had a comfort zone too. When the walls were destroyed in Jerusalem, he was shocked and hurt. Nehemiah prayed until God showed him what to do. God told him to go back to Jerusalem and rebuild the wall. Nehemiah didn’t like that thought. He was uncomfortable with it and was completely out of his comfort zone. He didn’t want to do it, but he knew his heart was in this and that he needed to do this for God’s glory.

Having a comfort zone is okay and it’s okay to go home and let your soul be at rest for a while, but don’t stay there, lock the door and don’t let anyone in. When you feel your heart telling you to go do that thing, come back to faith and loving Jesus, start that bible study or even just as simple as going and talking to that girl you feel needs prayer. Do it, if not for you, do it for Him. He is calling you to take that leap of faith and step out of your all too familiar comfort zone. When you take a leap of faith, it will become easier to open the door.

Do it afraid.

To whoever needs this today.

Anyone who knows me or even just follows my Instagram knows that I love sunsets (probably more obsessed but let’s not pretend I’m that weird). Anytime there’s a gorgeous sunset I usually get a snapchat of it from multiple different people. Or even sunrises, during the winter months when the sun is just rising, I’ll be walking into school and my friends will turn to me and say did you see the sky, and I’m like duhh yes as if they don’t know me.
When I think of these things; sunsets and sunrises I just think Wow. How intricate each of them are. How different and unique they are to the one the evening before or the morning before. It amazes me beyond measure (and you probably know that if you’re with me when a vibrant sunset catches my eye- I freak out a little bit- I apologise for that).
Let’s get real here right now. This universe was created by HIM. This galaxy was created by HIM. This world was created by HIM. Therefore, these sunsets and these sunrises are HIS art. HIS masterpiece. HIS handiwork and we all know they’re beautiful- beyond beautiful. God makes incredible things. Beautiful things. You know what else He created? What else He dreamed up in his heart? And what he knitted together so beautifully and with so much love? take a wild guess…


The one who created jaw-dropping sunsets, the one who created Space. He also created you. Can we just think about that for a while. I find it so astounding. That we are one of His many, many, many masterpieces.
Each of us are uniquely formed, with our different gifts and talents, with our different laughs, with the different ways we talk, and the different ways we interpret things. You are just as unique as the sunsets every night.
He calls you a masterpiece. He created you. you are His masterpiece and His pride and joy. (Ephesians 2:10)

I recently read a book called “Love does” by Bob Goff and in the book he mentions that he had bought a painting that was so expensive he had to save up for ages. He loved it so much, he hung it up in his home, with young kids running around wild- risky or what. And by no surprise it got damaged. Bob said that this didn’t change the love he had for the art, that it actually made him love it more, even with the dents.
I think that God loves you like that. No matter what you do, He still loves you and still forgives you.  No matter what. He loves His masterpiece as if He paid thousands for you. God made you so extraordinary and just one of a kind. He holds onto you dearly, protecting you and keeping you from harm. He loves you that much. You are still His masterpiece even with a few bumps and scrapes (or a lot). You are a beautiful because He created you.

Jeremiah 31:3

Love always, SSL team. xo

in the mess

Dear you,
The you who has had a rough week, the you who doesn’t have straight A’s, the you who scrolls through Instagram and Facebook first thing rather than flick through the pages of your bible, the you who spends too much money on that chai latte, the you who values your worth by the number of likes on your profile picture, the you who is messy.
Far too often, we define ourselves as these things. We value ourselves as how we’re feeling, our grades, what we do, we define ourselves as being messy. It’s hard to ignore the voice in your head telling you that you’re worthless and telling you that you’re not good enough and that your mess is too much for anyone else to handle.
Your mess is okay. Your mess is real but it doesn’t define you. Your mess is never too much for God. He loves you even with your mess. He loves you even when there’s 43 tabs open and you can’t figure out which ones playing the music, when chemistry notes are on the same page as health and social care notes, even when you fail that exam that you revised so hard for. He loves your mess, absolutely loves it. He can handle the mess and He wants you to hand it to Him and trust Him to take it.
God is always good. Even in your messiness. Even in your crappy days. He is always listening and always loving. I believe that God doesn’t always give us these challenges, but He will take us out of them eventually. Even if His answer is no at this very moment, He is still good and He is still working. Don’t give up. Keep asking. Keep believing.
Believe that God is the answer to your problems, He doesn’t promise to answer all of our mess, but know that He is the answer. Hear His whisper. He is asking you to Trust in Him. know that when the mess becomes messier, He is in the middle of it all, with you. cleaning up the mess, when you don’t even know where to begin in the mess.

lots of love, SSL xo



Dear you,

Maybe you feel like you’re trying to run towards that finish line, to run through the red ribbon and feel accomplished. But you’re not running- that’s how you feel anyway, you’re walking, really slowly like snail slow. You’ve passed that same old building so many times, tempted to stay there and wait for a while everytime you pass it. Are you going round in circles, but just not hitting that finish line? Are you trying and trying and trying SO hard but nothing is happening, you’re not going anywhere.
We all feel that way sometimes. We try to take the next step or just try to do something that we think will be perfect for us. We all do it.
Maybe you’re not going anywhere because you’re taking it into your own hands and not considering what your plan is really supposed to be. Maybe You havent prayed about it, maybe you have but you’re not getting the urge, that overwhelming feeling where you know He’s telling you yes. Where he’s saying yes you’re ready. Go on. What are you waiting for? It’s hard. It really is. When you want something so much but He knows it’s not for you. It’s hard just dropping all that work and time you spent on that goal. Sometimes i think it’s selfish that God would do that, that He wouldn’t just change the plan for you.” If only” you’re probably thinking. But then I remember that His plan is so much better than mine.
He tells you that your life has been set in stone before you were even born. Before you were even in your mothers womb. He has crafted you so perfectly, handpicked the goals and ambitions that you are going to reach and designed your incredible purpose. He knows what’s right for you and what’s wrong. Maybe you’re trying to follow your own plan and it’s just not working out. Pray about it. Pray again. Keep praying.If you’re not getting that feeling, or that voice or however he speaks to you, maybe that goal really isn’t in His plan, even when you really thought it was. Maybe you do need to drop it. But don’t be afraid to.
Know that your disappointment is okay. Know that His plan is greater and so incredibly beautiful. Have faith that He knows you so well and knows that you are capable of so much. He will stop sending you in circles, you will eventually see that old building for the last time, and you will get to that finish line and break through the ribbon. Trust in Him.
“You may not always end up where you thought you were going, but you will always end up where you are meant to be.”

Lots of love, SSL xo